Your Yoga Goals

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What would you like to achieve?

It’s important to think about your reasons why you would like to do an exercise class, in order to be able to choose the right one for you. Yoga can support people at any stage of their lives, which is why people often find yoga to be an everyday activity for them. Yoga doesn’t only mean exercise, it can help support your lifestyle in many other ways, including healing from a physical or mental injury too. So, for example, when it comes to Yoga For Cancer, we often try and encourage not only the cancer survivors, but their relatives as well to join in.

So before you settle on your style of yoga, have an honest word with yourself and see: What Are Your Yoga Goals? Maybe your simply curious what the hype is all about. Maybe you want a deep physical exercise that moves your muscles and bones in unusual way, like no other sport. You might be curious about the mindfulness aspects of it and what it can bring to your everyday life. Or, maybe you made a bet with your friend and you now have 6 months to touch your toes. And that is okay too.

What Does yoga offer you?

Yoga offers a wide range of things for you and it’s important that you keep on looking to find what works the absolute best for you, your mental and your physical needs and abilities. When you come across a trusted teacher whose style you enjoy and can relate to is key, so that you can keep learning about yourself and your body through your practice.

Looking at the foundations, there are different types of exercises to do depending on which stage you are at. Here are just some of the options:

  1. You are truly curious about yoga and you are at the very beginning of your yoga journey - you may not have even found a class to join just yet!

  2. You are recovering from an operation or injury and looking to strengthen specific areas of your body in a gentle way

  3. You are looking to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, fatigue - whether these are symptoms or side effects of a certain medication

  4. You are a cancer patient and / or a cancer survivor, and looking to implement yoga in your daily life as a complementary therapy tool

  5. You are looking to improve your posture due to sitting next to a computer all day, your flexibility, your core, stability, strength and reconnect your body movements with your breath

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Types of yoga

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali explains the Eight Limbs of Yoga, where most of today’s yoga practices fall under. To think that practicing asanas (postures) is only one of these limbs, will probably stimulate your thinking around the wholeness yoga can give both body and mind. Indeed, practices range from moral and personal observances to meditation. To ignore those lesser-exposed sides of yoga is to reduce yoga to a mere workout.

In short history, modern day yoga is credited to Krishnamacharya, who brought hatha yoga to the Western side of the world. His students: B.K.S. Iyengar, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Indra Devi, and TKV Desikachar, all created their own styles with the aim to carry on his teachings and eventually influence the types of classes you might experience at a studio (or even a gym) today. Studios and gyms all over the world offer yoga classes and without doubt, these have been diluted, adopted, changed to the needs of the students. But, traditional and safe classes can still be found in most cities - it simply requires a bit more research.

Read The Guardian’s article on Yoga: A Beginner’s Guide on Different Styles


Yoga Variations

Tendency to Wobble? Yoga with Bobble!

Tendency to Wobble? Yoga with Bobble!

At Bobble, our practice is based on traditional yoga asana (postures) rooted through Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. We focus on embracing a deep connection between breath and mindful movement. We look at the anatomy behind our sequences and share the physical benefits as we move together.

We create balance between challenging our bodies through vinyasa (flow) and our minds through Pranayama (breathing techniques). The latter are woven into the sequences with the goal to relieve stress, increase focus and calm both body and mind.

Our savasana include guided meditation so that your mind receives the benefits of your practice as much as your body. The closing savasanas are gentle and restful, to encourage the parasympathetic nervous system to overtake.

Breathe and Flow

Our general class for everyone. These are aimed at complete and starting beginners, with clear explanation behind the postures and alignment. During these classes we learn and deepen our practice together. Appropriate options are given to the different levels in the asanas (postures), so we can only encourage you to join regardless the number of yoga classes you had been to before.

Yoga for Cancer

Aimed at cancer patients & survivors, as well as their carers and loved ones. The classes are adjusted to the different bodies and minds according to previous treatments, freedom of movement and feelings on the given day; to ensure we are physically safe and everyone benefits both physically and mentally. We use lots of props to enable our bodies to get into an asana in a protective way.

NEW: Free classes every Thursday 12:30pm at Yogafurie, Ashley Down Road. Book your place here

Private lessons

Available to anyone. These are recommended if you’d like to overcome a specific kind of struggle, whether that’s in the body or the mind. At Bobble, it’s not only our branding that’s unique… During private yoga classes, we create a unique experiences where everything is entirely tailored to your needs. A personal programme will be given to you as part of the experience and hope you’ll feel encouraged to continue with your self-practice at home.

Whether you try the experience in a group or an individual setting, Bobble treats everyone with equal respect, patience and kindness. We truly believe that yoga is for everyone, so if you have any questions or would like to discuss a topic that you cannot see on this page, just get in touch by clicking here.


Breathe and Flow

Do you wobble when standing on one leg? Do you think you are too inflexible for yoga? Do you worry you cannot do some of the postures? Or maybe feel anxious about how you look in downward dog? This class focuses on you, as an individual, and is ideal for complete beginners as well as people who’d like to deepen their practice, in all shapes, forms and abilities.

You will find our favourite Breathe and Flow classes on Thursdays at 07:45am in Breathe Bristol.

Starting November 14th: also on Thursdays at 17:50 at Yogafurie.

Prices: £8 per class

Please do get in touch in case of any questions or simply click here to book a class

Private 1:1 Classes

Private classes can be utilised in a number of ways:

- Help take the first steps in practicing yoga

- Build Confidence

- Deepen existing practice

- Therapeutical to address anxiety & stress, insomnia, fatigue

- Yoga For Cancer patients who prefer not to join a group

These sessions can be held at home or at a studio, depending on Your preference. Sometimes the home environment can feel like a safe place. Equally, it’s nice to step away and enjoy an hour or so in a different environment and create a separate yoga space.

Prices: £45 (plus studio rent, if applicable)

Do your friends like to share a class with you? 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 options are also available. Prices: £60 and £75 per class respectively (plus studio rent, if applicable)

Contact me here for more details or click here to book Your private class

Yoga For Cancer

You will have probably read about yoga being recommended as a complementary therapy for cancer patients. There are many studies that scientifically prove the benefits of yoga, particularly in reducing the sometimes extreme side effects of cancer medication. There are many charities / cancer centres offering yoga as a therapeutical class in a group environment today.

At Bobble, Adri is a qualified teacher for those on the cancer journey and their loved ones. You can join any time, regardless of previous experience with yoga. There is something that these classes can offer whether you just discovered your illness, after treatment, cancer survivors and terminal, or a carer or a family member. We’re working on building blocks and the 6-week course is aimed at gently building strength week by week, whilst allowing mind and spirit to settle into the new you. Restorative and mindfulness based elements are utilised, as well as props, to ensure a safe and protective environment for both your body and mind.

Yoga For Cancer classes are also available on a private teaching basis, simply get in touch here to discuss details.

Launching the 6-class course: All interested cancer patients, survivors, carers and loved ones! Come and join the course on Thursdays at 12:30pm at Yogafurie, Ashley Down Road. Starting on October 24th and you can book your place here.

Price: The classes are free of charge (voluntary contributions are welcome).

Also, if you do not see a Yoga For Cancer class that is suitable for your availability, please do drop us a note to register your interest!


Spaces We Bobble In

Breathe Bristol - Upper Maudlin Street

Breathe Bristol - Upper Maudlin Street

Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol

When entering through the door to Breathe Bristol, you find yourself in a space of calm in the middle of town. Located 5 mins walk from Rupert Street bus station, it’s an easy-to-get-to area with lots of character.


With mats and all props provided, all we need is you in your comfy yoga clothing! There are a couple of changing cubicles too, in case you prefer to quickly swap back to your street or work-wear after your session.


Ashley Down Road, Bristol

Yogafurie offers a wonderful space for not-hot yoga in their Studio 2 (including underfloor heating!). Located on Ashley Down Road, a short 10 mins walk from Churchways Avenue bus stop on Gloucester Road or just a minute walk from Sefton Park Road bus stop.


Facilities include spacious changing rooms, showers, and underfloor heating! There’s a lovely area to sit and enjoy some refreshments before or after class, and get to you know your Bobble mates, if you have time. Mats and all props are provided, but of course you may bring your own mat if you wish.

Yogafurie studio - Ashley Down Road

Yogafurie studio - Ashley Down Road