At Bobble, we turn our focus inwards and seek calm and relaxation during our classes. To ensure the outside world stays outside, mobile phones need to be in silent mode and left in the dressing room prior to entering the classroom.

Bobble Yoga offers appropriate adjustments when needed during the classes and workshops. If this is uncomfortable for you in any way, please do let us know. We will always check in a discreet way at the beginning of each class / workshop to ensure everyone feels fully comfortable during the classes.

Savasana_B&W_Bobble inside class

Savasana: Taking rest is not only to allow for your body to absorb all the benefits acquired during your practice. Savasana activates your parasympathetic nervous system and puts your fight-or-flight system to rest, which stimulates the body’s natural absorbing and healing powers. To ensure everyone can enjoy these benefits, we ask that you plan to stay for the entire period of the class.

In an ideal world, we’d love you to arrive to class 15 minutes early. In any case, please do arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the class time for check-ins and other administrative tasks to be done. Psst… this will also allow you to take your favourite place in the classroom! Two - three minutes before it starts, the class will be opened up to allow drop ins to attend. In these cases, the class-related late cancellation rules apply.


You will find the length of each class on the booking system. Generally they last 60mins, but some morning classes might last 45 mins; whilst workshops or courses may last between 90mins to 120mins. If you’re ever unsure, just drop us a note to!  


Please wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement and also allows your teacher to observe the movements of your body during class. Some people wear baggy clothes, some people wear stretchy clothes; whichever works for your body. There will generally be a point where you feel warmed up, but it’s worth using a yoga blanket or a sweater and socks for the resting positions.

Remember that it is your responsibility to keep us updated on any medical conditions. So tell your teacher if you have a new injury, if you are pregnant or have had a recent operation. The teacher will find appropriate modifications for you or will advise you of the appropriate action for your specific condition.

Taking a break between asanas (postures) is encouraged, particularly at the beginning or on days when your body asks for more nourishment. You can use Balasana (Child’s Pose) or simply sit or lie on your mat quietly.