My First Yoga Injury


I fell. On Friday, during the primary led class, I fell whilst trying Bhujapidasana. I have just started practicing Bhujapidasana in the last couple of weeks. It’s a very exciting new asana for me, I have never attempted this one before. There is just so much going on between strength in the wrists and arms to finding balance, that I know I will need lots of patience and repetition, to find my way into the pose finally. It also comes right after Navasana, which currently takes a lot of my energy, as I have not yet found a comfortable place around my sitting bones to balance well and I feel I need a lot more strength in my psoas to keep those boat-legs pulling towards my chest.

I enjoy the challenge. I find that whilst I cannot do most of the asanas in that perfect manner that a lot of others can, they all give me something different and something more to work towards. Being taught patience in this way is new. I find I don’t nail an asana and then get to the next one and nail that too. I’m not actually nailing a thing! I find rhythm depending on how I feel those particular days, I find beauty in the imperfection of the asanas and think that even the simplest asanas have something new to show me every day. This is the practice and I love it.

On Friday I lost my balance and fell forward, and due to the way Bhujapidasana works, I had no limbs to put down to gentle the fall… So, naturally, I hit my jaw and got a burst lip :O But the shock was bigger than the damage and now, two days later, the injury is practically gone. Noone will believe me tomorrow, that I even hurt myself during my yoga practice on Friday :D

I took a picture so that I could document the injury, but I will spare you from the views. It would probably make you think that I was in a box fight, as opposed to a yoga class! A huge thank you goes to Vanessa and Hana, who both were so super! They both were calming me down, getting me ice and so on. Vanessa even managed to carry on the counting so that the class continued despite the disruption. Such an amazing skill, I was super impressed! Thank you both.

And tomorrow, I’ll keep on trying again.